mixed media experiments

100 figures challenge

blind, halfblind, not-so-blind contourdrawing I have started a Challenge to draw/paint 100 figures. If you want to join, you can find our group here on facebook I…


  progressing from a loose sketch into a more designed composition. I always enjoy experimenting, and right now composition and storytelling are on my menu. you can also find this mixedmedia piece of art on sktchy  

figure study

80x100 cm mixed media figure study on raw canvas

"Paint your Heart & Soul" ecourse

I am feeling really honored and excited to be teaching in "Paint your Heart & Soul" in 2017 along with a number of inspiring artists. This yearlong course is initiated by Olga Furman and it is all about the narrative aspect of artmaking. I…

"in the zone"

sometimes a painting paints itself. It happened with this large portrait and it's always thrilling to be "in the zone". When I sat down to rest a 3 cm large scorpion ran towards me, it was an intense night :-)


Series of three abstracted figures Mixed media on board 40x50 cm / 16x20 inches experimenting with negative space and spontaneous gesture drawings red seems to be the color at the moment ;-)


so wonderful to see my painting framed in its new home in North Carolina!