"feeling" mixed media on board 80x100cm 490,- Euro Today is the last day of the Abundant Artshow, an 8-day-online art challenge. Search Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for the hashtag #abundantartshow  and you’ll see art from…

blue series - 4 out of 7

"flying" "dancing" "yearning" "moving" these are the first four from a series of seven that I've been working on for the last few days mixed media on board each one is 30x30 cm (12x12 inches) 170,- Euro…


from drawing to abstraction in my sketchbook

art colaboration day 2

day two of our painting colaboration we spent with several canvases painting in the living room figure drawing each other figures, florals, abstract...

day 3 / lifedrawing week

we worked with oilpastels, medium and ink today warmup excercise oilpastels, medium, inks workspace

first day of lifedrawing week

100x150cm day one of a week of lifedrawing and painting with Manfred Bodenhöfer.