80 x 100 cm mixed media on rawcanvas

everyday scenes no 9,10,11

no 11 nude n0 10 Ishka and my dog no.9 statue in the park check out more about this series here

work in progress

100x160 cm on canvas not yet sure where to go from here... will let it rest for some time.

progression - poppy man

acrylics on canvas presketch building up the layers

progression of a painting

90x120 cm acrylics on canvas I worked on this painting from 4pm yesterday afternoon until 4 last night, 12 hours straight with just little breaks for eating, and of course time for sitting, watching, feeling, and listening to the next…


mixedmedia on board 50x70 cm (20x28 inches) check out more abstract figurative work here  

abstract figures series

It feels so satisfying to work in a series. Now I am starting to work on the next nine... check out the first nine here

number two in my golden series

"struggling" mixedmedia on board 50×70 cm, 20×28 inches check out more of my abstract figurative work here if you like  

progression of a painting

"dancing" mixed media on board 80x100 cm