mixed media sketches

all of these sketches are drawn/painted from life  


fallen angel fast sketch, seated angel working on some ideas for an auction I am participating in in December.


progression of a mixedmedia painting on paper

Art is not a luxury

Art is never a luxury. Life has an inside as well as an outside. Consumer culture directs all resources and attention to life on the outside. What happens to the inner life? Art is never a luxury because it stimulates and responds to the inner…

progression on a portrait

working with watersoluble oils this time, still in search for my perfect medium. I cannot use oils, because they give me such headaches, but most of the artists I admire use oils... this may be a solution.

progression of a painting

"dancing" mixed media on board 80x100 cm  


acrylics in my XL sketchbook

my first exhibition in artschool

one of my large paintings and my XL artjournal on the left fellow students work   another of my paintings in our semester exhibition my spot ;-)