onehundred figures no 9,10,11

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mixed media experiments

"in the zone"

sometimes a painting paints itself. It happened with this large portrait and it's always thrilling to be "in the zone". When I sat down to rest a 3 cm large scorpion ran towards me, it was an intense night :-)


Series of three abstracted figures Mixed media on board 40x50 cm / 16x20 inches experimenting with negative space and spontaneous gesture drawings red seems to be the color at the moment ;-)

abstract figures series continued

    working towards my first solo exhibition in October :-)  

progression of a painting

90x120 cm acrylics on canvas I worked on this painting from 4pm yesterday afternoon until 4 last night, 12 hours straight with just little breaks for eating, and of course time for sitting, watching, feeling, and listening to the next…


mixedmedia on board 50x70 cm (20x28 inches) check out more abstract figurative work here