me and my mother...

... at the beach in Spain in the seventies. quicksketch, charcoal and acrylics


fallen angel fast sketch, seated angel working on some ideas for an auction I am participating in in December.


worked with a lovely lifemodel on this one for two evenings

prompt 5 for onehundredfigures

watch my prompt 5 on youtube for the onehundredfigures challenge   I am playing with collage in this one... later on I cut the figures out... don't yet know what I will do with them,…


progression of a mixedmedia painting on paper

third prompt 100 figures challenge

the third prompt for the onehundred figures challenge is now up on youtube you can still join the challenge, we started a facebook group to share our progress…

my work on Sktchy

I have a new piece up for sale on Sktchy, check it out!