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    My name is Tina Berendsohn, I am a visual artist and dance therapist.

    Nightblue Art is a place for creating, dreaming and sharing.

    “When you do things from your Soul,

    You feel a river moving in you, a joy.”


We are all creative beings, I believe that life itself is art/creation and I know there is an artist in you. As artists we get to express both for ourselves and others since we are all interconnected. Creating is my greatest joy and I welcome you to view my artwork, in which I share human stories, both personal and collective.

My way of creating is a lot about allowing the subconscious to express and I invite you to learn about my process of painting in my courses. Also please come on over and watch me sharing my work in progress on my Blog and on Instagram.

I get really excited when I don’t quite know how an artwork is going to evolve, and most of the time the finished piece is a surprise to myself as well as a messenger of the unconscious for both myself and the viewer. Most of my paintings are available for sale, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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